Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

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About us ….

The Beaulieu Model Flying Committee (BMFC) was formed in 1985 to represent all the major model flying clubs in the south Hampshire area, and all inidividual model flyers who may not belong to a club,  for the purpose of negotiating model flying rights at the Beaulieu Heath airfield.

The BMFC is a “club” of 5 members which is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) as club number 2523. This establishes it as a legal entity in the sense of any model flying club, and gives the officers of the committee “third party civil liability” insurance cover in respect of claims relating to model flying activity.

The BMFC negotiates annually with the Forestry Commission (FC) which governs the rights and activities on the Crown Lands of the New Forest (and many others, of course).  A contract is signed and paid for whereby the FC delegates the management of model flying at the Beaulieu Heath Airfield solely to the BMFC for the current calendar year.

The BMFC is empowered to issue permits to prospective model flyers  who can then operate at the airfield subject to the Flying Regulations for the current year.  Permits may be obtained by personal application, or online application (see Permits page).  Failure to abide by the Regulations can lead to the permit being withdrawn.  Permits must be renewed each year.  Several hundred permits are issued each year.

The current officers of the BMFC, as approved at the 2016 AGM, are:

Chairman                  Richard Sharman

Secretary                 Mark Derbyshire

Treasurer                 Trevor Butcher

RC Flight Manager      Ian Hammond

Free Flight Manager   Roger Newman

The BMFC has a constitution which specifies the duties of the officers, and the conditions under which changes may be made.  There is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year which permit holders may attend and at which the officers are elected, motions passed, accounts presented and reports published.  All these documents are available on application to the committee.   The date of the AGM is notified to all permit holders.

Additional information:

The BMFC holds an AGM each year.  You can read the

  Chairman’s report for  2019 and the Chairman’s report for 2018.