Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

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The relationship between the various aviation authorities is indicated in the following diagram.  The relationship are hierarchical, but each organisation is to a large extent autonomous within the law.

   EASA  European Aviation Safety Authority  - Governs Aviation in Europe


   I__ MAA   Military Aviation Authority - Governs military aviation in UK

   I__ CAA   Civil Aviation Authority - Governs civil aviation in UK


        I__ BMFA   National model flying association


              I__ BMFA SA  Southern area subgroup

              I     I

              I     I__ BMFC   Beaulieu flying club

              I     I__  ….      all other flying clubs in the southern area


              I__ GBRCAA    governs F3A activities   

              I__  ……          other specialised organisations


Achievement Scheme Certificate preparation.

  BMFC  will be running a preparation tutorial for those interested in taking an A or B certificate.

  All BMFC permit holders who do not currently hold either an A or B certificate are welcome to attend.

  The topics covered will be on the “safety questions” and the “law questions” as well as practical information about model setup, flying, and how to impress the examiner.       

  Date and time to be announced - please keep a watch on this space.