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BMFA Achievement Scheme:  A and B Certificates

The British Model Flying Association(BMFA) runs a national Achievement Scheme whereby model flyers can gain a basic qualification (A-certificate) and an advanced qualification (B-certifcate) in selected disciplines (FW-fixed wing, H-Helicopter, MR-multirotor) and other disciplines (Silent Flight: Slope, Thermal, Electric).

The Beaulieu Model Flying Committee(BMFC) is an affiliated club of the (BMFA) and the BMFC has its own BMFA certified Examiners who can run the tests and award certificates on site.

It is not (currently) required that all flyers have a certificate of competence, but it is recommended that all flyers should aspire to hold at least an A(FW) certificate.  The advantages of gaining a certificate are:

What the test involves:

The certificate exam is a short practical and theoretical test on the following topics:

  1. Knowledge of the BMFA safety codes (which are described in full in the BMFA handbook which each BMFA member receives),
  2. A short flying test consisting of a small number of set tasks, such as flying a plane at a given speed and height, or hovering a Heli in a particular way,
  3. Knowledge  of the legal basis and restrictions under which model flying operates in the UK,
  4. Knowledge of local site rules (the Beaulieu Regulations and New Forest By-laws).

How to pass a test:

If you don’t know what SWEETS and SMART are, now is the time to look them up in the handbook

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