Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

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Children and Vulnerable Person Policy

The Beaulieu Model Flying Committee (BMFC)  has a rigorous policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, in line with the advice and recommendation of the BMFA.   It is also a Forestry Commission requirement that each flyer, adult or junior, have their own insurance cover.  

The Beaulieu Junior permit cost is £5 as a concession from the adult price.

Application for a Junior permit may be made by the Junior, or the Adult who is responsible for them.  The following conditions apply:

 1. A Junior should have his/her own current BMFA Junior membership (and therefore insurance), and report this membership number to the BMFC,

 2. The applicant, Junior or Adult, must give the address of the Junior.  This information will be held in strictest confidence and is only for validation purposes,

 3. The applicant, Junior or Adult, must tell the BMFC who the adult is who is responsible for them while at the flying site at all times – this is called the responsible adult for the Junior..  

 4. The responsible adult must be competent to supervise the junior, and should ideally also be a Beaulieu Permit Holder.  This condition is under review and may be changed in the future if experience shows that the person is not competent to supervise model flying activity.  The responsible adult may seek the help and advice of a BMFC committee member whose decision must be accepted.

 5. It is not acceptable for a Junior to turn up at the flying field and fly on his/her own, or expect someone else to be responsible, even a BMFC committee member.  This would require the BMFC to appoint adults who have CRB checked status and parental permission.  The BMFC is not prepared to accept this responsibility.

Note that, in the opinion of the BMFC committee, a Junior is likely to be less experienced and less competent than an adult, and possibly without even a BMFA A-certificate.  Where Internal combustion (ic) engines and electric motors are concerned this is an important safety consideration for everyone's protection.  Aircraft with engines and/or motors must be properly restrained while starting and testing, and should be operated according to BMFA guidelines as published in the current BMFA members handbook.

These conditions are solely there for the Junior's protection.  They are also necessary to protect the BMFA committee, other flyers, and the general public should anything untoward happen.