Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

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Policy on Drones and multi-rotors

The recent interest in multi-rotor craft with 3-axis stabilisation and GPS location capability has not gone unnoticed.  Multi-rotor model craft are legitimate model aircraft and can in principle be flown in the UK under the same conditions as ordinary radio-controlled fixed wing and helicopter models.

Beaulieu fliers should be aware of the advice and guidance available.  Please read and understand the impact of:

Our concern about drones at Beaulieu

The model flying committee is concerned about the flying of drones at the Beaulieu airfield for the following reasons:

  1. This is a new activity and there is little experience on the management of this activity, so we will proceed cautiously.
  2. The Forestry Commission (on whose land we fly) have expressed a serious concern over the unrestricted use of airborne cameras in an area where public recreation is a main activity.  
  3. Prolonged hovering over or near the flight line will interact with normal  fixed wing aircraft take-off and landing operations.
  4. Programmed path flying could allow drones to be flown outside our licensed flying areas.

The Beaulieu policy on flying drones is as follows:

The Following activities are NOT permitted:

Thank you for your cooperation.  BMFC chairman, January 2017.