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Permit Application

The New Forest (and the Beaulieu Airfield contained within it) is part of the New Forest National Park.

All users of the New Forest (whether they are model flyers or not) are governed by the Verderers Policies and Bylaws,  and by the Forestry Commission statutory laws. As a flyer, and a member of the public,  you must follow these.

The New Forest is an SSSI and is subject to special protection in respect of its fauna and flora. The SSSI citation is managed by Natural England who have a consultative role over the use of the New Forest. After a study in 2014/2015 Natural England approved the activity of model flying at Beaulieu, subject to certain constraints.

Model Flying at the Beaulieu Airfield is subject to the Regulations agreed with the Forestry Commision. This requires all model flyers to have adequate insurance and to be issued with a permit by the BMFC.  Model Flying without permission in the New Forest is a serious civil offence and is treated as such.  

Permits may be held by adults or Juniors. If you wish to apply for a Junior permit you must read the BMFC policy for children first.

By applying for a permit to fly at Beaulieu you are agreeing to abide by these rules.  Failure to follow the rules will result in the permission to fly being withdrawn.

The Beaulieu airfield is a public area which is available to all as a recreation space, and within which model aircraft flying can take place.  It is the only space in the New Forest for which model aircraft flying is permitted, so it is very valuable to us.  Please help protect it.

Model flyers should be considerate to all other users of the Forest, including non-flyers such as dog-walkers, horse riders, holiday makers, and the general public.  This includes acting responsibly at all times, and having a general regard for safety and security.  It is not in the interest of model flyers to create a nuisance or make unnecessary noise or commotion.

Multirotor (drone) users please read the advice here.

A detailed map is issued to permit holders showing where you must park, where the pits area is, and where flying is allowed.  

Some helpful links to other sites are listed.  The BMFC provides this your interest, but has no responsibility for the content of other sites.

History of the Airfield

Imagine standing here during the second World War; the roar of a Liberator aircraft taking off on a mission to track down enemy submarines and the buzz of hundreds of people living training and flying here.

Across the south of England many airfields were built for the war effort.  The New Forest was important with 12 airfields in the area. Beaulieu was one of the largest, playing several roles including a coastal command centre, A D-Day fighter base and an early helicopter experiment site.

 Opened in 1942 the airfield played its part in the Battle for the Atlantic with both RAF and later Czech squadrons stationed here. Missions left to search out U-boats and protect vital supply convoys.

In early 1944 the RAF flew Typhoons from here; from March to August the United States Army Air Force flew Thunderbolt fighters and Marauder bombers including missions supporting the battle for Normandy.

From late 1944 to 1950 the site was used by the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment to test parachutes, gliders and early types of helicopter.  The site was returned to the Forestry Commission in 1959.  

At its height there were three runways, two hangars, ammunition dumps, tens of accommodation blocks and even a cinema and a gym.  Many concrete road and hard standings remain as does the original water tower now used by Roundhill Campsite.

(Text courtesy of Forestry Commission)

The decommissioned airfield was released for civilian use in 1960.   It has been used for model aircraft flying continuously since then.