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Information on the use of Lipos batteries

Lithium Polymer (Lipo) batteries have revolutionised model flying in the last few years.  Powered RC models have used internal  combustion (ic) engines for decades, but these are giving way to electric power nowadays because it is cleaner, easier, less messy, and more reliable, at least for small models.  

However, as the number of electric models increases, and as the power or these model increases (to rival or exceed ic engines) so the dangers increase if not properly handled.  Lipos can catch fire.  When they do they burn very intensely creating thick clouds of toxic white smoke.  The result of a Lipos fire looks like this picture (which was the result of a recent incident when a model crashed onto the runway and set the battery alight.  The model was completely destroyed by the fire which could not be put out and burned for 20 minutes.

Lipos can be dangerous in the following contexts:

Beaulieu fliers should :

Our concern about Lipos at Beaulieu

The model flying committee is concerned about the safety of flying at Beaulieu airfield, please do your bit to help.

Thank you for your cooperation.  BMFC chairman, Mayl 2016.