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The information shown in the main website,  About, Information, Regulations, Location, Policies and Newsletters, is public material which the BMFC is pleased to show to the general model flying community,  and of course anyone else who is interested.

The Permit Application process, similarly, is available to the general public, existing permit holders and potential new permit holders alike.  Indeed this is the recommended process by which model flyers who are not current permit holders may obtain or renew their permit.

The BMFC is governed by a constitution, approved at an Extra-ordinary general meeting, and open to change by motion from permit holders, is given here.

When permit holders renew their permits they are sent an invitation letter stating a few obvious conditions which they are recommended to read and observe.

Current and previous newsletters are available.

Location maps and other information is here.


Flying Site Etiquette

At the flying site only permit holders may fly model aircraft.  This ensures that every flyer is fully insured and has been informed of the rules governing this activity.

All flyers are subject to constraints imposed on us:

  1. The New Forestry By-laws (1982)
  2. Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000)
  3. The Flying Regulations set by the BMFC (2016)

These rules are non-negotiable and must be followed, and exist to ensure that model flying is performed safely at no risk to the public or the environment.  The chief items are:

In addition there are some elements of Good Practice which it is recommended that all model flyers follow:

  1. If the flight line is busy WAIT until some models land.  Few model flights are longer than 10 minutes so you will not have long to wait.
  2. If you do not feel safe flying while others are in the air DO NOT attempt to fly, but wait your turn. If others come and fly while you are THEY have implicitly accepted that they are happy. If you are not, then LAND.
  3. Helis (multi-rotors) and Fixed wing craft do not mix well. Since fixed wing planes are in the majority, and are traditional, they have priority. Heli and rotor pilots must wait until the sky is clear before beginning.
  4. If you think others are not following the rules, please inform a BMFC committee member.  

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