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News items about Model Flying, and about the Beaulieu Model Flying area on Beaulieu Heath will be posted here.  If you have an item of news which other people should be aware of please contact a member of the BMFC or send your comment to us.

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Newsletter #56 is now available.

All published newsletters are available on this website.  You are recommended to read them as interesting information and established practice is  discussed, along with current news.  

Newsletters are available from the newsletter page.

Model Aircraft Law changes

You will be aware that the UK Government is bringing forward legal restrictions on model aircraft and drones to address a perceived drone problem.  

In particular:

Please be aware of these changes and be prepared to support the BMFA and the BMFC protect your rights to continue model flying.

2020 permits

The 2020 permit application have been open from this website isince December 2019.    If you want to fly at Beaulieu in 2020 you must have:

 All of which you should have with you when at Beaulieu.

 You can apply for a permit from this website only.


COVID-19 considerations   (published Friday 20th March 2020)

     I have been in discussion with our Forestry Rangers about continuing our activities at the airfield, and as far as they are concerned we CAN continue more or less as we are.   No restrictions are currently planned to be put in place by the Forestry affecting access to the heath, or the use of the carparks and airfield.     Provided we continue to operate as we normally do there should be no reason to prevent our lawful activity of model flying for the foreseeable future.   The BMFA advice to model flyers is consistent with this :

     The points in our favour are that it is an outdoor activity, involving only small groups of people, who can easily isolate each other by the recommended distance, and that we are not directly involved in contact with the general public.

     Clearly, if you feel unwell, or know you have an infection you should not   put others at risk by visiting the airfield. If you feel the risk of being infected by going to the field is too great, then you should avoid going.   It is up to each individual to make the best decision for their own case, and the BMFC committee cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate outcome. 


   The Forestry have asked me to pass the following government recommendations to you   (although you are probably already aware of them):

  if you live alone and have a new, continuous, cough  or a high temperature (37.8 degrees and above), then you should isolate and stay at home for 7 days

if you live with other people and one of you displays symptoms, everyone in your household should isolate and stay at home for 14 days;

you should follow the new social distancing advice – this means taking proportionate measures to reduce the risk of transmission  such as a 2 metre gap between individuals;  and

you should continue to maintain the highest possible personal hygiene, including by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently.

  I hope as a result of this, that all   of you who feel capable of flying, and are fit to do so, can enjoy our activity at least on those days when the weather is suitable.      Feel free to let me, or any of the other committee members, if you have comments to add, or observations to make on this subject.

If the government changes its recommendations, or imposes more stringent restrictions on the movement of people, perhaps on older people for example, then that overrides anything said here. 

Richard Sharman,   BMFC chairman   

COVID-19 considerations   (published Tuesday 24th March 2020)

The UK Government Announcement by the PM at 8:30pm Monday 23rd March 2020 (UK lockdown) states that for the next 3 weeks:

Therefore the BMFC is recommending that permit holders do not visit the site and do not engage in normal activities.  We sincerely hope that this only temporary, and that the current Virus pandemic improves.

This notice overides the previous one issued last week ( See below) as it was suspected at the time.

COVID-19  Lockdown continues  (published 26th April 2020)

Lockdown continues.  Please read Newsletter #52 for information about lockdown .

COVID-19  Lockdown partial relaxation  (published 13th May 2020)

Despite the recent government relaxation of Lockdown rules the flying field remains  closed.

   You will, no doubt, be excited by the UK Government relaxation of rules for handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Most model flyers are keen to return to some kind of normality where we can resume our lawful pursuit.  However, this can only be done if it is safe, and within the letter and spirit of the law.  

  The BMFA has challenged the interpretation of the guidelines and has posted its latest understanding of the position.  This is that normal model flying is not (yet) permissable because it would violate group convening, and probably social distancing rules.  Some clubs may be able to work round this by appointment scheduling, distancing enforcement, and land owner agreement. This is NOT the case for Beaulieu.

  Your BMFC committee has been contacting the Forestry during the lockdown and trying to make arrangements for some limited relief of the lockdown rules if and when they are relaxed.  This conversation is ongoing, but we do NOT have approval yet to resume model flying at Beaulieu Heath.  For the moment while some carparks are being opened by the Forestry to enable more exercise, ours is not one of them.

  I know that you will be disappointed by this state of affairs, but I ask you to please be patient and abide by the restrictions for the time being.   We will be back flying at some stage, but just not yet.  

  This message will be posted on our website in due course.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  COVID-19 Lockdown  (published 15th June)

  The airfield  is still  locked.  Please see Newsletter #53.

  COVID-19 Lockdown  (published 27th June)

 Beaulieu Heath is closed to the public until July 31st 2020 to restrict dog walkers disturbing nesting birds.

 The  BMFC has negotiated restricted access to the Airfield from July 4th 2020 for permit holders only.

 Permit holders will be informed by email of full details for access and any restrictions that will apply.

 This Notice contains full details for accessing the airfield.

  COVID-19 Lockdown - airfield open (published 5th July)

  The airfield  is now available for R/C fixed wing and helicopters only.  Please see Newsletter #54.

COVID-19 Lockdown  -  aifield now open from 1st August.  Please see Newsletter #55