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News items about Model Flying, and about the Beaulieu Model Flying area on Beaulieu Heath will be posted here.  If you have an item of news which other people should be aware of please contact a member of the BMFC or send your comment to us.

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Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

Annual General Meeting

 The AGM of the Beaulieu Model Flying Committee will be held on December 11th 2018 at the St Andrews Centre, Beaulieu Road, Dibden  at 7:30pm for 8pm. The meeting will end by 10pm.   Seasonal refreshments will be provided free of charge.

As a current permit holder this is your chance to hear about the highs and lows of this year and the prospects for next year.  It is also your opportunity to speak up about  the things you like and dislike in the way flying is organised at Beaulieu. All comments are appreciated and the Committee will consider all serious proposals.

DRONE consultation exercise by UK Government - ends 17th September 2018

You are probably aware that the UK Government(Department of Transport) is conducting a consultation on the use and regulation of "drones" which is open for response until 17th September 2018. The responses may affect the way the government prepares its legislation which is currently planned to become law in 2019 and will affect all of us. The consultation covers a number of topics, some of which you may not be familiar with, including (i) age of competence, (ii) location of drone use, (iii) use of proposed Flight Information and Notification Services (FINS), (iv) compliance enforcement, (v) counter drone technology, (vi) estimated drone take-up in the future.

The BMFA (our national body) has prepared a response document which has been sent to all club secretaries for distribution to club members. The BMFA is recommending that you review their response, and make your own response directly to the Government. This is most conveniently done directly online, but can be done off-line and submitted by post. Instructions on how to do this are given in the BMFA document.

The Beaulieu(BMFC) committee has discussed our view on the proposed legislation, and has already sent in its response on behalf of the whole Beaulieu model flying community. We recommend that all permit holders who have not already done so also send in their own individual response. Government reaction often depends on the strength of views expressed. In this case there are a number of issues which directly affect model flying and which you no doubt have a view on. A strong response from the model community is definitely worth making.

The specific assumptions which the government seems to be making are, and which affect us, are:

(a) that conventional model aircraft and modern multi-rotor craft are the same, and are called "drones". Thus we are all to be called drone flyers, whether we like it or not. The BMFC considers this classification to be erroneous since the requirements of multi-rotors, fixed wing, helicopters, gliders, free-flight and other craft are substantially different and need different treatment. This could affect the registration of flyers and craft and their use.

(b) that the same legislation should apply to all. The BMFC considers that this is inappropriate and that different rules should apply. In particular, the proposed 400ft ceiling on all model flying renders many traditional, valid, and safe modes of operation impossible, in particular for Free Flight, F3A aerobatics, and gliders.

The BMFC encourages all permit holders to review the material, and if possible submit a response directly to the government using the form linked to in the BMFA document. If you don't have an opinion, or don't know, about some of the topics you can leave that blank. If you just tick boxes it should be possible to do the response in under an hour. If you wish to make considered, textual responses to many of the questions it will take rather longer, perhaps several hours.

For the continued future of model flying as we know it, please make a response as soon as possible and help get our (model community) views considered. If you have other concerns, then please let us know.

regards, On behalf of the BMFC, Richard, Trevor, Mark, Ian, Roger