Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

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The last published newsletter was #37.

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Back numbers

 No.     Year    Date      Main topic(s) discussed

#37     2018    May    Re-opening of airfield access track

#36     2018    Apr     Closure of Airfield access track

#35    2018    Mar    Early year flying in ice and snow

#34    2018    Feb    Permit renewals, statistics on flyers

#33     2018    Jan     Winter operations

#32    2017    Nov     AGM, Permit renewal

#30               Sept    Competitions; BMFA;  

#29                July     Lipos;  Helis

#28               June    John Thompson;  scale models.  

#27                May     First BMFA achievement scheme sucesses.  

#26                Apr      BMFC has own BMFA club examiner  

#25                Feb      Site matters, BMFA, drones.  

#24               Jan      Drones,  BMFA Certificates

#23                Jan      Permits, New Drone rules

#22     2016   Dec        Report on AGM, permit process for 2017

#21              Sept      Information for AGM, general comments

#20              August   Rules for certificate day

#19               June     More about Lipo, certificate day

#18               May      Lipo fire, Certificate day

#17                 April        Miscellany, F3A,  winds in the SE

#16                 March     Flying site etiquette and other matters

 #15                 Feb         Re-opening of access track

 #14                 Jan         Flooding, access closed

 #13      2015   Dec        New permit process for 2016

 #12                  Oct        AGM notice, new website open

 #11                  Sept       Future dates, Ponies

 #10                  July        AGM advance notice, New Signage       

 #09                  June       hours open, drone activity

 #08                  Apr         Natural England review result

 #07                  Mar        Beaulieu use, Vandalism

 #06      2014   Feb        permit process for 2015

 #05                 Nov       AGM preparation

 #04                 Sept      Wind directions and flying activity

 #03                 June      Dates for the diary, consitution draft

 #02                 March    Pony drifts, permits for 2014

 #01                 Jan        Initial setup and progress of new committee.