Beaulieu Model Flying Committee (BMFC)

   BMFC Permit Process for 2020


The BMFC issues permits to fly models at Beaulieu Heath airfield for any genuine model flyer who:

is insured by the BMFA, or at equivalent level, and

   • has a CAA Flyer ID (or have asked the BMFA to get this for you).

Each model to be flown at Beaulieu Airfield must:

comply with the standing regulations, including being under 7kg all up weight, and

carry identification of its owner(operator) as a CAA Operator ID.

Via this website you can choose either (1) or (2) as follows:

     1. a fast route for renewals, if you have BMFA membership AND a CAA Flyer ID (or BMFA waiver).  

After succesful application you will be able to download:

an invitation letter from the BMFC chairman (which contains some useful information),

a temporary membership card (which you should hold until your full permit pack is sent to you),

a copy of the BMFC Regulations (which you must abide by when flying at the airfield),

a map of the airfield (which shows the location of the RC, FreeFlight, and Drone operating areas),

a copy of the New Forest By-Laws (which all New Forest users must abide by),

    2. a slow route for new applications, or applications that do not meet the conditions above .  

You will have to provide additional information for BMFC,  such as your  full contact details.

Be sure to complete your application fully,  pay the permit fee via PayPal, and return to this site.

At the flying field  you will need to carry with you:

Quit Back


2. General permit application


 you don’t satisfy all of the requirements for a fast route,

Normal Application

1. Fast route permit application for renewals only

If :

        you had a permit last year (2019),

AND your  contact details have not changed,

AND you have renewed your BMFA membership for 2020,   

AND you have a CAA Operator ID  and a CAA Flyer ID

(or you have at least a BMFA A-certificate and the BFMA is obtaining the CAA IDs for you),

Proceed to fast renewal