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Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

You must have a permit

The Beaulieu Model Flying Committee (BMFC) is licenced by the Forestry Commission to issue permits to fly model aircraft for recreational purposes only at the Beaulieu Heath Airfield in the New Forest.  

You may obtain permission to fly model aircraft by purchasing the appropriate permit here (seniors £10, Juniors £5).  

Permits are valid for the current calendar year.  Without a permit you are not entitled to fly at Beaulieu.

With a permit you may:

You must have Insurance

Insurance for model flying is most easily obtained as a benefit of  BMFA membership. You will be prompted for your BMFA, (British Model Flying Association) membership number.  If there is a problem with your application, such as the BMFA not confirming your insurance status, you will be informed by email.  Please make sure your BMFA membership status is up to date for 2020 before applying for a Beaulieu permit.


Public Indemnity Insurance equivalent to that provided by the BMFA.  In this case please contact us first to explain your insurance cover.

Permits run from January to December each year (synchronised with BMFA membership and insurance).

Even with a permit you must NOT:

Any infringement of these conditions can be a cause of your permit being invalidated.  You may not fly without a permit.


Please check the page you are looking at is for 2020 - refresh the page if not. Some tablet/phone devices are not supported.

You must be a legal Model Flyer

Every model you wish to fly must show a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Operator ID from 30th  Nov 2019.

To fly after that date you will need a CAA  Flyer ID, but note that the BMFA has negotiated an exemption for BMFA members until 31st Jan 2020.  After that it is a UK legal requirement.

To get a Flyer ID you must either pass the CAA competence test, or have a BMFA A-certificate or B-certificate.

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