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Beaulieu Model Flying Committee

Regulations 2018


1. Permits are only issued for model aircraft flying.  All flyers must be in possession of a current permit.  Permits are issued upon acceptance of these regulations.  Permits will only be issued to persons who are paid up members of The British Model Flying Association,  or can prove equivalent insurance cover.

2. PERMITS are credit card sized and should be carried with you at all times.  They must be produced on the demand of BMFC officials or Forestry Commission staff.  A current permit flag must be visible at all times (e.g. on transmitter).

3. PILOTS who deliberately breach these regulations will receive a warning.  In the event of two separate warnings the Committee may withdraw the permit.  Continued breaches of these regulations may render the offender liable to prosecution under the Forestry Bye-laws.

4. NOISE: The BMFA guidance on the DoE Noise Code should be followed.  Models perceived to be exceptionally noisy shall not be permitted, such as Zaggi-type flying wings.  The Committee may test any model for acceptability.

5. WEIGHT LIMIT: All aircraft must be less than 7kg dry weight for fuelled models, or 7 kg total weight for electric powered craft.  THIS MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED.

6. Model Aircraft flying is permitted only between 08:00am and 20:00pm, or half an hour after sunrise and half an hour before sunset, if that is more restrictive.  (This is to lessen the environmental impact on wildlife).

7. Racing, competing, and organised events are not permitted at any time, except by arrangement with the Committee.

8. The Forestry Commission (FC) Bye-Laws 1982 must be abided by.

9. The committee may change these regulations at any time.  


10. Only OFCOM approved radio frequencies 35MHz and 2.4GHz may be used.  27Mhz is not permitted.  35Mhz users must operate frequency control using the public frequency board with the BMFA “peg on” protocol.  35Mhz users are responsible for avoiding radio channel conflicts.  2.4GHz users may assume the equipment does the check.

11. ALL RADIO CONTROLLED models will be operated from the runway to the west of the marked flight line.  Models will be launched with regard for the safety of Spectators and other Pilots.  When flying a Fixed Wing Model, pilots will operate their transmitters from within the Pilot Box.  Pilots  may leave the Box for Take Off and Landing when the wind direction makes that expedient.  All flying must be to the West of the Pilot Lines.

12. POWERED MODELS (electric and combustion engine models) operated in the pits area must face away from the parked cars and must be restrained when carrying out radio range and engine checks.

13. HELICOPTERS and MULTI-ROTOR craft must be flown with due consideration for other Pilots.  Helicopter, and Fixed Wing 3D, flying must be performed at least 20 meters to the West of the flight Line.  It is not permitted to make a prolonged hover near the flight line.  Multi-rotor craft must be operated from a point 400 meters west of the main flightline (i.e. where the East-West runway crosses the NW-SE runway).

14. FPV (First person view) and automatic (program controlled craft) are not allowed at any time.  Aircraft may carry cameras for recreational use, but normal standards of privacy and respect must be adhered to.

15. SPECTATOR CONTROL - All flyers will undertake to assist with spectator control and be prepared to explain to the general public  the necessity of keeping behind the barrier.  Please be polite, but firm.

16. CAR PARKING - All vehicles are to be parked in line behind the barrier.  Do not park on the marked off region for ease of access.  Do not take up unnecessary space by parking at an angle or parallel to the barrier.

17. TAXIING MODELS.  Models may be taxied out, but not toward the barrier or to overfly the parking area.

18. DEBRIS.  Every effort must be made to remove all debris from Crash Sites, (see  Forestry clause 28).

19. EXCLUSIONS.  Rockets, gas turbines, and pulse jets are NOT permitted.  R/C land vehicles are not permitted.


20. Launching of models is to be on the upwind side of the free flight area.

21. The launch site is to be on the boundary of the flying area.

22. Models to be retrieved on foot only, at a walking pace, using footpaths where possible.

23. At all times, special care is to be taken when walking across heath land to avoid disturbing the wildlife and damaging their habitat.

24. Free Flight is only permitted from the designated locations.  No Free Flight flying is permitted from the RC area.

25. No vehicles are to drive or park off hard areas.

26. Use of the southern perimeter track for access to the SW area is dependent upon ground conditions.

27. Free Flight engine runs are limited to 15 seconds or less


 28. CONTROL LINE models may only be operated  at the far end of the runway when no R/C activity is taking place.

Amended 2/1/2017   22/11/2017